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9/20/11 12:34 am - flashdeliriums - MGMT confessions @ tumblr!

Do you just have to let out your undying love for MGMT? Confess it all, right here!

: you submit your confessions via 'ask' on tumblr, i put them in photoshop/fancy them up, then upload them to the blog for all to see (but of course, your confession remains anonymous).
: you confess it, i upload it! no filtering (unless it's gross/more than inappropriate haha)
: please note that i am not on tumblr at all times therefore your confession will not be uploaded instantaneously.

Thanks & ENJOY!

confession example:

3/31/11 07:10 am - rainymondaay

Kamenashi Kazuya | Akanishi Jin |
Kuroki Meisa | MGMT | Skins | Shakira
Japan | Anime | Other | Banners

More HERErainyweek 

8/25/10 11:21 pm - twilightaholic9 - a great MGMT interview

So, I saw this a while ago and I thought I'd share it. The interview is great, and there's a bit of one of their concerts mixed in that's really awesome.

Oh, and did I mention that the whole thing is in HD?
'Nuff said. Enjoy, and you are welcome (if you haven't already seen it) :)


8/25/10 11:15 pm - twilightaholic9 - Congratulations music video!

So, as you may or may not know, Congratulations is released tomorrow officially.

BUT, on iTunes, you can buy the video and see it RIGHT NOW!! & You can also get the album for a LE price of $7.99, fyi.

& For everyone that has run out of their iTunes $$, here it is!

7/23/10 07:09 pm - zap4ick - 18th August ticket

I have an extra ticket to the August 18th show in NY and i need to sell it. It's in orchestra and i'll sell it for the price below nominal. Please contact me!

7/20/10 11:35 pm - descendres - MGMT NYC Tickets


My friend is selling a pair of tickets for the August 18th MGMT + Amazing Baby show in NYC. They're orchestra seats. She needs to get rid of them so the price's below face value. If you're interested or know anyone who might be just PM me :)

7/6/10 08:14 pm - tary_lp

The rest are here @ my journal

6/23/10 11:57 pm - tetsualchemist - BEST. DAY...OF MY LIFE.

 Oh gosh, guys...I can't believe I didn't post here!! I seen the boys a week ago, on the 16th, and I've been so swamped and busy since then...and still am, so I'm going to copy-and-paste what I wrote in my other journal until I write up a full report for you all...it was absolutely the best day of my entire life. :')

Short summary and lots of pictures!Collapse )

And now that it's been a whole week...I miss the guys so very much. I'll be seeing them at Lollapalooza and all, but I feel like a group of my best friends just left me. Seriously though, I miss them like crazy.

Does anyone else here have any show reviews to share? :)

6/23/10 12:30 pm - sirfaunty - MGMT Official Lollapalooza Aftershow!

As I'm sure all of you are aware, MGMT is playing Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL on Sunday August 8th this summer. If for some reason you can't be there on Sunday but you still plan on being in the area, you're in luck because their Sunday set is not the only one they'll be playing that weekend!

On Friday August 6th, MGMT will be playing an official Lollapalooza Aftershow at the House of Blues in Chicago. With less than 1000 tickets available, this is going to be a totally fantastic and unique show that is sure to rock late into the night! The best part about this show is that all proceeds benefit the People's Music School, a non-profit community based organization in Chicago that provides music education and instrument lessons to people who could not otherwise afford to do so. Tickets go on sale Friday, so don't miss out!

http://www.houseofblues.com/tickets/eve ... ntid=64458

6/15/10 05:31 pm - twilightaholic9 - New music video -- It's Working!!


6/4/10 12:42 am - twilightaholic9 - MGMT icons + 2 wallpapers

MGMT [ 23 ] + 2 wallpapers

let me take you down..Collapse )

5/19/10 11:58 pm - twilightaholic9 - 11 MGMT

MGMT: Andrew Vanwyngarden [11]


it's just a case of flash deliriumCollapse )

5/19/10 06:43 pm - tetsualchemist - MGMT in this SPIN magazineee

 I just scanned these from the new issue of Spin! Which someone has probably already posted somewhere so all my hard work means nothing haha. Warning, the scans are HUUUUGE...you know, so you can read them. 5 pages of MGMT AWESOMENESS
Read more...Collapse )

5/18/10 03:58 pm - twilightaholic9 - the making of flash delirium!

a video about the making of the flash delirium music vid!


5/17/10 09:33 pm - twilightaholic9 - two MGMT wallpapers!

wallpapers this way!Collapse )
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